Ron Shilon

Making a difference in every session

Natural Therapy is an Acupuncture clinic based both in Ericeira, Portugal and in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The clinic is headed by Ron Shilon, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, certified in acupuncture, Shiatsu and Herbology, as well as Yoga therapy.

In addition, Ron is a certified Yoga teacher and Running and Triathlon Coach with a diploma of Sport Mental Coach from Haifa University in Israel. Furthermore, Ron has participated in numerous Ultra-Marathon and Ironman competitions, as well as rock and mountain climbing, Surfing and Adventure racing activities.

I believe, says Ron, in a healthy and balanced lifestyle, including stress management, proper nutrition and sport activities. As a therapist, my first goal is to prevent illness and injuries, while my second goal is to cure my patients as quickly as possible with as few sessions as possible. My third goal is to find the root of the problem that has caused the illness and to teach my patients how to avoid the problem from happening again.

I strive to make a difference in every session.

The methodology consists of deep roots in both Japanese and Chinese medicine, Yoga therapy and Western tools combined.

The treatment is effective because each one of my patients is treated in a manner that suits her / him the most.

Our tools:

  • Acupuncrue and Moxibation

    Using either Japanese or Chiense protocols

  • Shiatsu

    Japanese body work / Massage

  • Yoga therapy

    including specifically assigned asanas and pranayamas (exercises and breathing)

  • Strength and Mobility

    understanding the body's chain of motion enables me to assign the proper strength and mobility exercises

  • Nutrition

    the food we eat can assist or interfere in the healing process

  • Stress Management

    adding simple and short daily routines can make a huge difference

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