About Ron Shilon

A bit about myself.

I see myself as both a student and a teacher, constantly learning, ever curious.

Ron Shilon, BSc in EE, Dip. Of Chinese Medicine, Dip of Chinese Herbs, Dip of Shiatsu, Dip. Of Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy, Dip. Of Running and Triathlon Coach, Dip. Of Sport Mental Coach, Surfer and Runner, Ultra-runner, Ironman, Rock and Mountain climber and an Adventure racer.

Ron Shilon

Ever since I can remember, my life has always been a real adventure driven by my sense of curiosity. Same thing goes to my career, as both a teacher, coach and a therapist I am continually exploring, broadening my horizons, always searching for more teachers and forever grateful for all the ones I have encountered so far, such as:

In my work in my clinics, I take all this vast knowledge and understanding and put it into my practice, always looking for the right tools or the right combination of methods to make every session counts.

Ron Shilon

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