Accessibility statement

This website is accessible for people with disabilities

The accessibility of this website for people with disabilities is of great importance to us. About a quarter of the population consists of people who are disabled to varying degrees and who need assistance in navigating websites. These are older people or those with disabilities in vision, hearing, or motor problems that make it difficult for them to use the mouse.

In addition to compliance with the accessibility law, we view the accessibility of this site as a social responsibility, which is rooted in our belief that every person has the right to browse the internet and enjoy the content that is available there.

The accessibility level on this website

This website and its content has been tested and complies with SI 5568, which follows the the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines AA standards. Among other things, the accessibility of the website makes the following possible:

Assistance with problems

If you encounter any difficulties that are related to accessibility of the website, kindly contact us through the contact page.